Initial Functional Medicine Visit

1 Hour  $ 300 Medical history review, ordering of appropriate lab testing.
Preliminary recommendations will be given.


Second Functional Medicine Visit

Option A: Regular Physical Exam $ 200 Physical exam. Also includes review of labwork &
Report of findings from initial visit. 45 min
Option B: Executive Physical Exam $ 300 Regular physical plus EKG, Lung Capacity Test,
Antioxidant Scan. 1h20 min

Follow Up Appointment Fee Schedule

$85 15 minutes
$135 30 minutes
$185 45 minutes

Please notify the front desk staff regarding the amount of time you will need at your follow up appointments.
Fees do not include any additional therapies, supplements, or labs.

Additional Services

Insurance coverage:

We do not bill insurances for you. However, we will supply you with diagnostic and procedure codes on your statement that can be sent to your insurance company. We are considered out of network chiropractic. PPO insurances can cover some lab test fees.  We do offer competitive cash pricing for lab tests.

Office Policies:

In order to avoid being charged for a missed appointment, please notify the front desk at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule.  In the practice of functional medicine, we reserve more time per patient, so not showing up for an appointment is more disruptive.


Does not include supplements or lab tests.