I’m “shopping” for an integrative doctor, how to I know who is legitimate?
Trying to find a new Doctor can be challenging. Especially when you are looking for an Integrated approach. Which one should you choose ?  Integrated, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Complementary, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Oriental Medicine, Functional Medicine or Allopathic Medicine ?  HELP !!!
Regardless the degree, you want someone who had sufficient education such as a Bachelor before their 4 years degree of DO, ND, DC, MD or OMD. Then you should look at their specialty and their post graduate additional accreditations.
Naturopathic medicine can be confusing to the unaware prospective patient. The Naturopathic physician has had a minimum of 8 years of schooling (BS + 4) from a reputable schools such as Bastyr. Many “fake” Naturopath are also practicing with an online degree that does not qualify them to sit for a board exam.  Some of them will still call themselves a Doctor of Naturopathy or Naturopath.
As for medical, osteopathic or chiropractic doctors, their curriculum did not include much (if any) training in Integrated, Functional or Complementary Medicine. You have to look for a post graduate certification such as:
We are not aware of what each state offers so this list could be incomplete. When you move to a new city, you can look at the following links:
When given a few names, you can ask a long time employee of your local health food store for feedback.

I am taking many prescription drugs for my conditions and was told not to stop them. I am in a lot of pain and feel so tired but how do I get started without any dangerous reactions?

Prescription drugs are not stopped until you no longer have the objective findings that would require them. For example, when your blood pressure is coming back to normal ranges, you will be able to gradually diminish them. When your headache subsides, why should you take pain-killers? Each case is individual. I am always more than happy to communicate with your physician if it is your wish to establish a time table when you can come off of prescription drugs.

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